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Residence Of Mr. & Mrs. Singhania

Mr & Mrs Singhania.
Police Bazaar, Shillong
1800 sqft

Recently completed, Singhania Residence is a single-family house located in the hustle and bustle of a commercial area known as Police Bazaar in Shillong. The architects were charged to transform the home into a modern aesthetic, inspired by the unique relation to the chaotic nature of the place, the project’s aim was to create a space that was in direct contrast to its outdoors, The program included 4 bedrooms that were to be lavish in design and materials, a gourmet kitchen, Puja area, formal living with adjacent dining area, an informal family gathering space with a small bar corner along with entertainment, and a large main entrance door.

The design started with the swing of a large door finished with timber like the one’s found in the old haveli’s of Rajasthan, to give an essence of grandeur. The house opens to a wall portrait of an old Bombay area, adorning the living area giving an impression of the Client’s taste of an era gone by. In the dining area, the dining glass top sits on two parametric punctured pedestals acting as lanterns to create moments among its diners, the seating too is inspired by arranging an re-used old bench polished black giving a strong essence of the Client’s wish to bring back the styles and practices from the past. The Puja area and the informal family gathering space is divided by a long passage, which was addressed by designing a couple of elements in sync which would eventually pilot the space to a different experience. First, the door heights were increased on either sides of the passage, secondly a Jali patterned ceiling was designed and thirdly, oak shade wooden laminated flooring was proposed to make the space part of the house and not necessarily alienate it. On either sides were the Puja area and the informal family gathering space, which were designed and adorned by re-using some items from Client’s list of collectibles, like the bar cabinet and a storage with chest of drawers placed near the Puja area. To our astonishment these antique teak furniture’s were found to be more than century old.

During the design process, one of the goals in mind was to have clients as participants to experience the fusion of work and creativity, which the architects rightfully delivered a functional house with dedicated spaces for its members without interfering with the requirements of the challenge.


Design Team: Prashanta Ghosh, Biswarup Deb Roy, Prakash Sharma, Babin Deb Roy

Photo Courtesy: Mrigank Sharma, IndiaSutra