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Residence of Mrs. Milda Rynjah

Mrs Milda Rynjah.
Laban, Shillong
6000 sq.ft

“The feedback to make over the existing place of stay as per modern design standards was very well drafted by team Purple. However, incorporating multiple elements of design features; which were unlikely very new to the concept for a neighbourhood like appointing a designer and getting your house designed ” , commented the Client. The clients know-how in this field helped us as designers to make a strong connection communicating the theme along with the look and feel of the house. The fact that the design now responds to a very warm colour pallet, it had to be finished in strict schedule and guidelines. The Client's decision that the construction should be executed simultaneously one room after the another was reciprocated well by the designers. Last but not the least , all was wrapped in a timely manner and joy of seeing their house getting over was writ large on their face. All the furnishing elements were hand -picked personally by the Client which adorned the space more. 
We all at Purple Architecture would like to thank Charl's for his belief and support.


Design Team:
Prashanta Ghosh
Biswarup Deb Roy
Babin Deb Roy