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Residence of Mrs Banalari

Mrs Banalari Khongwar.
Mawlai, Shillong
15000 sqft

All the designated spaces were well planned to give a feeling of comfort and user friendly. The space translated a sense of grandeur among its habitants and at the same time was well addressed on functionality and circulation. The beauty of the landscape overlooking the mansion triggered our minds to design interior spaces that would resonate with that of the outside environment and blur the line between the two. The undulating landscape of the overlooking hills tempted us to bring the exteriors to the interiors, which would in a way portray the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. In our attempt to blur the line between the interior and exterior, undulating waves of wooden ribs were made to spiral around the columns and gradually spread across the ceiling, throughout the house  , creating a ripple effect. The ripple effect reflected in the wooden strips encircling the columns and gradually spreading all over the ceiling. This was never conceived before in any of our projects. Consequently, it uplifted the grandness of the ambience of the house. Glass and mirror used in the dining mirrors the client’s aristocratic inclinations. Seamless Jali work, cut on veneers run from the floor level to the ceiling level in the lounge area. The bedrooms open to huge balconies or terraces, providing panoramic views and creating a habitable space, surrounded by the elements of nature. The parlour room was inspired by life size calligraphic interpretation cut in MDF and painted PU White which symbolized fragments of hair. The counter and the sink were carved out of synthetic based material called Corian. The private cabin is also attuned to the overall rhythmic pattern followed elsewhere in the house. The desk has been custom made with individual pieces of wood cut in a free form shape stacked on   top of each other. Each of the bedrooms having individual balconies providing panoramic views of the hills. The transition space between habitable spaces have been in cooperated with interesting features to avoid boredom the during transition. The cosy wooden interiors of the bar overlooking the swimming pool outside. The wooden setup of the bar brings in cosiness in contrast to the cold climate outside. Cut-outs on the wooden panels have lights installed behind the panels which illuminate the space and provides a perfect ambience.

Meeting Client brief and objectives:

The Client’s brief to design her bungalow in a way which would translate warmth, aristocracy, was well achieved by the Architects. The main objective was to design something which would be timeless in every essence. The joy on Clients face was writ large which made us believe that we were able to contribute something worthy. The design was not limited to any constraints. There wasn’t any specific ism’ adapted, to highlight the design. Abroad classification would be that the entire bungalow was divided into zones like formal, semi-formal and private. Design of each areas responded to the designated classification. Overall the design was a fusion of modern and traditional alike. The undulating wooden strips engulfing the entire formal and semi-formal areas was deliberately done to unify the house as one although in split levels. The dining room was conceptualized as a bolder traditional one.  The motif style patterns as itching done on the mirror brings back the rich culture and tradition once Shillong witnessed during the rule of the Raj. The doors and railings were done in an intricate carving work, made of wood. The private areas were kept very subtle. 


FUNCTION: Bungalow.

PARTNERS: Upender Nishad & Brothers (painting & polish), Pukhraj Suthar & Hemant Sharma (carpentry), Powertech Electricals (electrician), Shiem (plumber), Rehman (civil).

PURPLE ARCHITECTURE TEAM: Sanjukta Roy, Sushanto Ghosh, Prashanta Ghosh, Shritoma Roy Choudhury, Prakash Sharma, Babin Deb Roy, Biswaup Deb Roy.