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With each project we explore new ways to integrate an organizing idea with the programmatic and functional essence of a building.

  • About Purple

    Purple Architecture is involved in designing and realizing a diverse array of urban, cultural and commercial projects nationwide. We approach our projects with the attitude that to make great places, you must believe in the future, but also remember the past. Purple is an architectural practice with a reputation for challenging convention and pursuing design excellence.

    Since we opened our doors in 2010, we’ve worked on over numerous projects nationwide covering a wide range of sectors operating from two studios Bangalore & Shillong. The firm was co-founded by Biswarup Deb Roy and Prashanta Ghosh. We offer our expertise in Architectural, Interiors and Product Design related work, both in Design Consultancy and Design Build Module. The Bangalore Studio includes a product design division known as PurplePicʞ.

  • What we do?

    We work on simple things, convert aspirations to plans, plans to processes, and processes to its eventuality. We believe design can bring about a change into the socio-economically a lot particularly when discussing the role of design as an agent of change. Our strength and skill would be that our designs are not just aesthetically appealing to the eye, but also offers and wide vanguard of designs solutions in terms of practicality with optimum space utilization along with wide range of material infusions, which ensures that our designs are always fresh and timeless with minimum operational cost.

  • Approach

    At Purple we believe in creating designs impacting strong relevance to its practical side however we consider doing the same with a bit of fun and wit. We are very much grounded with the thought to produce efficient designs with a positive approach and equally keep the desire to foster continuous improvements and excellence paving for high quality yet cost-effective projects. Our fundamental approach however to any project or design has always been coupled with ‘to and fro’ conversations with Clients on a regular basis thereby having a clear statement on their requirement allowing us to come up with valuable logistics suggestions.

  • Culture

    We believe Design is an art which showcases Passion, Beauty and Creativity and, “Value your Client and address their needs”, has been epitaph into our company’s work culture. Our conviction to deliver helps us yield distinctive design as after all, design is creating spaces, in which one would intuitively feel at home.


Our Process

Obtaining requirements

On the first stage of the process PURPLE representative would converse with the client and get a sense of the requirement. The more detailed the understanding of the requirements, the more accurate the proposal can be, and hence PURPLE team would seek a suitable time, as per Client for a personal meet.

Determine site location

PURPLE representative would solicit a visit to the proposed site location along with the client as this enables to understand and discuss on how the site could be used to the client’s best advantage. A site visit would also give PURPLE team an idea of the prevailing standards in the precinct.

Create design proposal

After studying the site and discussing the requirements with the client, team would now conceptualize design ideas. We emphasize on the basic form of the structure and does not involve any detailing. Making a working model or 3D images of the basic form helps the client in visualizing the overall looks of the project.

Submit project plan and costing

After client is satisfied with the conceptual design, the technical aspects and costing of the project can be outlined. We prepare detailed project plans, work out costs, finalize contractors & etc., make schedules & form deadlines

Relationship Management

Designers would be dedicated to Client’s account at agreed locations. PURPLE team will liaise with Client / SPOC periodically to address concerns / suggestions / value add ups etc proactively.